About MyAutoAware

MyAutoAware is an all-in-one shop telematics system that collects real time customer vehicle maintenance information and diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), and generates alerts so your shop can always be ahead of the curve and continually provide superior service. MyAutoAware is also a marketing tool that enables push notifications and coupons to be sent to your customers, generating more business for you.

Drive more Business to your shop

Your customers have two options to be connected to MyAutoAware:

  • Bluetooth Application
  • 3g Cellular Dongle

Your shop has the option of accessing the MyAutoAware Shop Portal which allows you to monitor your entire customer list and implement marketing programs to help drive more business. Easy To Use Requiring no user or driver interface, with MyAutoAware you do not have to look at, talk to, touch, or think about it. Some of the key features of MyAutoAware for your customers include:

  • Enhanced safety and security benefits
  • Vehicle health monitoring and remote vehicle diagnostics
  • Provides drivers and your shop with alerts for events going on inside the vehicle
  • Service and maintenance
  • Access to intelligent online portals, vehicle owners can automate the service/repair scheduling process

What Makes MyAutoAware Unique

The combination of its fix solution database, the ability to link your customers with the shop, and the robust marketing platform make MyAutoAware the premier telematics system in the aftermarket. To find out how MyAutoAware can help improve customer relations while improving your bottom line and give you the telematics solution to compete with the OEs, sign up on our enrollments tab or contact your local Auto-Wares store.